Sunday, November 27, 2005

If it walks like a duck... should drive like a duck. My wife's new ride:


My card reader is broke, this is stock footage of our new fuel sucker!

Actually we(I) were in the market for an SUV. We (I) didn't want some lame imitation, SUV on some car chassis (Most Asian makes) or SUV that was just a wanna be SUV (Explorer, Trailblazer, X3) We (I) wanted something more trail-rated, a real 4X4, something that'll say here we are. (I am)

So really there was only two choices: Jeep or Hummer. We (I) actually like the new Cherokee, it drives real nice. The Commander is really cool but looks more box-y with those huge ass windows. Plus it looks too retro like the old Jeep Cherokee. And we (I) just didn't want something that big.

Enter the H3, Hummer's little child. I love cars. Always have. I love my little Porsche. I loved the BMW but that's now gone. No more freeway off ramps at 70mph just to feel "G" forces. I hated to leave that car but what are ya gonna do when you want something bigger. You come to the realization when you try to pack 4 tall people into a 3-series or volunteer to drive a 4-some to the golf range and the rear passengers have to lay a set of clubs across their lap. Ever take a BMW to Home Depot or Best Buy? Forget buying anything, you can barely get a weeks worth of groceries.

The H3. Silver just like the picture. We (I) got it with the Adventure Pack so it has the 3 4WD settings plus a dedicated rear wheel drive mode with one gear when you are really stuck. It has full time 4WD with the front wheels taken 70% and the rear taking 30%. You can lock it in to 50/50 High and then 50/50 low. Ever driven a tractor? 4 gears in 4 wheel low and you are barely going 25 miles an hour. Came with 33 inch tires as well. It's a pain in the ass to wash, just ask the local car washer. (Hey Kurt!)

It drives so smooth too. Like a big car on the road at 70mph. Just floats. You don't feel a bump.

Reality hit when I came home though. We live in a highly liberal neighborhood. (Pearcy lives nearby for crying outloud) Something like 72% voted for Kerry and Nader edged out Bush for the rest. A lot of old time state union workers live here. You don't get looks driving down the street you get scowls. I need to get one of those super loud mufflers so it sounds like my Porsche. The car screams, "Here I am, I voted for Bush". Oh well, it's a free country!

And my wife is happy too!

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