Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Typical Sunday?

I have never gotten a present before in the summer. Never! My birthday falls on the biggest present giving day of the year. Not to sound selfish but that kind of sucks, Christmas and birthday... I write about it every year. (see sidebar for correlating months about Christmas and me) However things change after this year.

Today is Father's Day and in a few weeks I get to be a Father. You don't become a Father, you get the chance. It's something you get to be. And it's simply not by saying, "Yeah I am his Dad." You become an adult because it is something that happens physiologically to you as you age from a baby, to a child to a teenager to an adult. I'd say I became an adult only about 5 or 6 years ago, after I got married and got our first house. I was out of college and well into my career before I became an adult. For some people they become adults early and others become adults later. You had better hope you get to be Father though, after you become an adult. If not... I think hope is lost for the poor kid.

I feel.. Scratch that... I am ready... for the challenges and the rewards, for the happiness, the misery even and of course, perhaps that Sunday drive out to the park to play ball or watching him go to Kindergarten for the first time. That scrape on the knee when he falls down our poorly handcrafted stairs outside our front door (made by his father no less). That late night fever of 103 degrees and hoping I have the courage not to panic under fire. The day he brings that report card home with his first low mark on it and his courage to show me. The day he says something in public that was not nice. The first bicycle. The first time he thanks someone in public without being asked. The first time he beats me at a game of chess, poker or some silly Xbox game. That first time he drives the car by himself. Our first beer together legally at a professional baseball or basketball game. His first guitar. The chance to grow old and watch him get married and become a father himself. The first.... Oh hell... I can go on forever... And I will.

Just a few more weeks to go...

Happy Fathers Day.

Post inspired by this post here and this post here. Thanks pia and lawryde!

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