Monday, June 05, 2006

What is it with these Checkout Clerks Anyway?

Tonight I went out and saw "The Da Vinci Code" with my sister in law and her man-friend.

The price to see the movie was $9. I was then hit with the guilt trip of donating a dollar to the children's fund that provided toys and crap to ??? I declined because I didn't know much about the charity and besides $9 was enough! Why didn't the theater donate one of those overpriced dollars I just gave them to see the movie? You know, in the spirit of the generosity for having their ticket sales people ask us for money.

Speaking of overpriced, I got into the door first and went to the concession stand. What a huge undertaking! They had everything. Buying from these people is highway robbery. But, your at hostage and you should expect to pay dearly to go out and see a movie. Afterall, they cost millions to make. Decadence upon decadence, I'll tell you...

Back to the clerk situation that you know is coming,I approach the counter and ask for a medium Coke. The grinning Asian soda jerk asks if I want a large, instead.

"No!" I rudely exclaim and turn to my sister in law's man and ask what he wants because I am nice and felt like treating them tonight.

Ever-fitting the quintessential, Asian stereotype, the little man behind the counter says, totally unphased by my grimacing face, ".... But a large is only 25 cents more!!" An Asian good at math. Go figure!! (No offense Vince)

Oh great, I thought... He's even holding the large cup next to the medium to size it up. They get $4.25 for a medium and $4.50 for the large. That extra quarter must pay for the full amount of the syrup and carbonated water used to make the soda.

I thought now he'd be faced with rejection and just pour the damn soda. But no... He starts pointing to the combos I can get with popcorn and candy.

"Um... we'll just take a Medium Popcorn as well" I say, rubbing the size thing into his face. And then my sister in law butts in and asks for a cup of water, before he can do anything.

But what does he do now? He requests that someone get us a ice cold bottle of water for $3. He even rings it up.

"A cup? A cup of water!" My sister in law exclaims. You see, legally in California (and I am sure in other states as well) if someone asks for water in your business where you serve food and drink, you have to give it to them, no matter what. But Regal Theater just drops the size. It is all about profit I guess.

Out comes this cup smaller than the average shot glass.

We left the stand and went off to get a seat. My sister in law asks,

"Is all that going on your blog?"

Am I that predictable?

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