Friday, June 09, 2006

With Guns Blazing, I Will Rise...

Yeah, well, I got my MRI results right and then the correlating appointment to the Pain Management Clinic didn't jive. I mean serious, I got no real diagnosis other than the stenosis and "movement" of discs but I had no breaks or some freaky cancer which is obviously a good thing. So the person calls for this pain management thing and all I get is an appointment to tour the facility and to have an orientation. You know something they can save everyone the trouble with and just hand out a DVD.

Pointless I tell you. I mean seriously, WTF? What about a diagnosis or at least a visit with my doctor?

So I had some time this morning and I went down to the hospital to the Complaint DepartmentMember Services Center to complain and raise hell like a little bitchfile a grievance with the hospital. I got in line and drew a number, lucky me... it was 13.

I sat down and basically was suprised how many other people had to file a grievance this morning. Exactly what you'd expect too. Middle aged overweight people who most likely worked for the state in some dark dingy office. I seriously stuck out like a sore thumb. I think the receptionist was actually happy to see me.

I went to the counter when my lucky number was called and told them I was here to complain but I would not wig out or anything and that nothing was their fault. I was then shuttled into a back room and began my saga of back/arm/leg/finger/loss of sleep/possible depression associated with unusual happiness/ and whatever else. And the funny thing is, the lady BELIEVED ME when I said I wasn't fairly treated by the hospital. She actually agreed I had no diagnosis and no road for treatment at the pain management clinic. And then she asked what I wanted.

It was great, something actually worked when I thought I was gonna get nowhere. I was civil, kind and thoughtful. This lady had some power. Got me an appointment to see a new doctor on the spot, within an hour.

The new doctor was totally cool and found some things on the MRI report that weren't addressed like "Bulging Discs" and "Abnormal growths" (which sounds serious but it's not, you all probably have abnormal growths somewhere in your body). I get some more tests and actually get to see a neurologist now for the numbness and crap I am feeling. It's awesome.

The squeaky wheel. The story of my life.

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