Friday, November 14, 2008

Add Coffee As Needed...

Wow... it has been two whole weeks since I moved out on my own. The dead silence of the new neighborhood is so relaxing. The quiet around here is relieving. Yet I have been gone 5 of the days on the road.

I got in from Kansas at 1 AM yesterday and it was my first full day in my home office. I got a lot done. The doors were wide open all day because it is unusually warm here right now. The expected high is 78 today which is absolutely crazy for it being November already. You would expect 59 and foggy with lows around 39 and a chance of rain every week. I am a weather freak because of my career path.

I get to enjoy Elijah this weekend. He is coming down and we are going to have some fun. I need to go find some train place or something to take him to for fun. Jamestown has a whole train thing so I think I am gonna head up there. Or maybe up to Placerville (so I can sneak a wine taste or two in as well). Should be fun stuff, just the two of us hanging out.

I bought a huge bed for him that I still need to put together for him from IKEA.

I have been feeling great pain wise until today. Hard to move my left arm easy and I am limping hard. Plus I am out of medication because I thought I was needing less and less. Suddenly... WHAM!!! Big pain.

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