Monday, November 10, 2008

Mouse Hunt

So Sunday... I went down and borrowed my dad's truck to get all of my cardboard out of my garage from the move. I decided to burn it all instead of recycle because the county has yet to drop me a can and I needed to burn something as my form of non-violent protest to Obama winning the election. Heh Heh

While loading the truck up I notice this little puffy thing come hopping into the garage. Okay, it was like 2pm so the sun was out and everything was bright. Aren't mice nocturnal? This guy comes hopping right up to me looking for food. I started shoeing it away with cardboard and stuff since I didn't have a shovel handy to whack it over the head. But the thing wouldn't move!! I chased it trying to kick it out of the garage. Still... it kept sitting there looking at me, taunting me... It seriously must have been looking for food because it ran everywhere. I am thinking the little dude knew exactly what he was up to and discovered a hole into the crawl space.

This house is interesting because it has a huge walk in crawl space and that little guy could have been anywhere.

I gave up though trying to get the thing.

I did what I could do... Now there is a nice box of DeCon for him.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you need to get a kitty(or a Jack Russell) I saw a documentary on TV about Jack Russell's brutality against rats and mice.
Not for the faint of heart that's for sure.