Saturday, November 15, 2008

All They Got To Rule The Nation...

...when all I've got is precious time

It is happening in 2008 too, which means we are all getting free Dr. Pepper. Free Dr. Pepper!!! I pre-ordered my copy because I am a big rock fan, as you all are aware. And, if you pre-order off iTunes you get the first single, Chinese Democracy.

Think about all the crap that has happened the last year with the first black President, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays making it to the World Series, and Keith Richards still alive.

If the album is anything like the first single, this thing is going to be big on rock radio!!

Remember I predicting this thing was going to happen this year with my post labels. Check out the label below that says "Guns and Roses Chinese Democracy release 2008"

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Anxiety and panic attacks said...

I'll go for that Pepper too! :)