Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's That Time of the Year!!

Sunset out the back of the new house in the country.

When people starting searching for those who have a sucky birthday on Christmas Day... The searches get more intriguing every year.

Of course all the funny comments people left year after year are gone unless I re-install haloscan.

The house is almost finished. I still have all my tools to move. But I got Elijah's bed up so he can sleep elevated and not on the mattress on the ground when he comes over this weekend. I have put up all my shelves and music bullshit everywhere. I put up some decorative shelves in the dining room and I put up my trumpet and the trombone I fished out of my mom's attic. She also gave me her great aunt's accordion for a decoration too. It still plays. I have some cool stuff up including this poem about this old violin for sale that no one would buy until someone picked it up and played something beautiful out of it. That is how I feel sometimes.

Anyhow... with the 6 dozen placemats my mom gave me... I am pretty set here now. Just some tidying up. 2000 sq feet is a lot for a single dude but it is cool. Now I just need an old Chevy truck. I think that is what I am after this spring. A '68-'72 Chevy pick up. Something I can restore like the Porsche. It could be cool.


Anonymous said...

Makes me want to be single again.
Sounds like things ar looking up!
Beautiful view.

Jersey McJones said...

Steve? What happened? I haven't been on BIO hardly at all in ages (a couple of them insulted me on one of their radio shows because I couldn't abide their insipid Obama worship Don't get me wrong, I voted for Obama, but I don;t think he's going to change the world). What so you mean you're on your own now???