Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Stephen Pearcy: Hey look they're at it again!!!

But this time the state of California is helping them. Flashback to February of this year when I dazzled and excited you all with my coverage of the "terrorists down the street". The Pearcy's had placed that soldier effigy on their house here in Sacramento. No not their primary residence, just the one they use when they visit Sacramento and want to start controversy.

Stephen Pearcy, neighbor, lawyer and well, a pain in the ass if you are Pro-America, has done it again. You see, Mr. Pearcy doesn't like the Bush Administration. Which is totally fine, we elect a representative government every 4 years. This is a democracy not a freaky dictatorship. People have the right to free speech... but how about when it's offensive? Anyhow, Mr. Pearcy is an artist. His art though is different and is probably only well-liked in a few circles. But, his audience now is down at the California State Department of Justice near the office of my personal favorite elected official, Attorney General Bill Lockyer. Pearcy is presenting some artwork from 2003 and it is anti-Bush. See the photo below from News 10 here in Sacramento. (Read News 10's story as well)

OK kids, let's think about this one for a second. The Supreme Court of the US just ruled that the public display of the Ten Commandments is not ok in a Kentucky courthouse but ok in Texas Capital buildings. Fine, we could debate the pro's and con's of having the display until were blue in the face and you'll have 33% of the people fight for the Ten Commandments, 33% fight against it's display and 33% just flat out don't mind or don't care. Those of you that argue against the Ten Commandments on public display have many reasons but mainly argue the first amendment and some myth about the "separation of church and state". (Forgetting that the first amendment clearly states "Congress shall..." and ignoring the fact the judicial branch of government is not controlled by Congress) But I'll take your other argument against the Ten Commandments, and that's tax dollars. Many people do not want their money going to support a "God". And I can agree with that argument to a point because there are many religions that don't want your money. But there is historical significance in the Ten Commandments where some of US Law is derived from.

So then, is it ok for OUR TAX dollars being used to support Mr. Stephen Pearcy's upkeep and security of his art while on display down on California State Government Property? I mean, I don't support this message and I don't believe the United States is going down the toilet so that would mean I was offended. Any other display where a significant portion of the population was offended would most likely get this art taken down. And trust me, I can think of a large portion of population that would be offended by this art. Yet we have no recourse here because this art is supported by the State Attorney General Bill Lockyer. In my argument for the Ten Commandments, there was historical significance display it on a government building due to our country's history. But with the Pearcy's art, there is not, it's just a politcal opinion like a cartoonist would illustrate in a magazine that I would have a choice in paying for. And if this art is allowed to stay up, maybe America is going down the toilet, but fortunately it is NOT because of our President.

Visit Move America Forward for more on this story.

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