Monday, May 01, 2006

John Daly: What I'd do to be his buddy...

Meet John Daly. A PGA 2 time Major Champion. The man has the biggest swing on tour and could hit a ball nearly a quarter mile off the tee. He's freaking unbelievable and I love watching him play...( if he makes the cut for Saturday and Sunday that is)

The poor guy has a gambling problem and it looks a bit serious to me. (See link or the rest of what I write is meaningless here)

The man wants to push back from the table, set some restraint and some control around the table.
I am not a licensed therapist.

I am no way near being a gambling expert. But... You my gracious readers, who rarely comment on this now 2000 plus hit a month blog know what I am talking about.

I can make him a winner. I can show the man the ropes and the restraint he needs to make this thing happen. Or at least prevent him from losing as much as he is.

My blackjack formula is working. My formula for entering and leaving a casino is working. My instinct and knowing when a table is hot or when it is time to walk away is unmatched.

I have earned the following from gambling on $5 and $10 tables:

  • Two iPods (one a video)
  • A sound recorder for my Mac Mini Apple Computer, a $200 value
  • A slammin' Tommy Bahama Watch
  • A nice shirt and silk pants from Tommy Bahama
  • A new King Sized Bed
  • A remodeled bathroom with custom light system, near $700 value
  • Trones man, it's all about the Trones!!!
Plus, a plethora of endorphins that would out do a 5 year old with Attention Deficit, Hyper-Active Disorder, cranked on rock candy, midday in Disneyland's Tomorrowland. Dude, none of you have EVER had the joy of being naturally THAT HIGH!!!

Yeah... try picking up that $500 Pink Chip at Caesar's Palace on a $10 table and tell me you wouldn't melt an Ice Cream Cone from 40 Yards out by merely looking at it.

If you know John Daly personally, direct John Daly to "Steve's Blog" and I can show the man how to do it. We could totally go golfing at Wynn's in the morning. (As soon as I heal from this bad wrist and back crap)

John... if you're reading... I can help! Email in the sidebar.


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