Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Steve Gets Owned at Two Drive Thrus...

With all the driving I do for my job, I have affinity for drive through fast food places, coffee houses like Starbucks, banks, Mailbox Stores and (cough!) car washes. Nothing like dealing with drive throughs. I write about it a lot. My second post back in November of 2004 dealt with a lady in a large SUV. (Check the sidebar for the link about Carl's Jr in November 2004, it's a riot), I have written scores of words regarding proper ettiquette when dealing with the public.

Today I got owned. Not just owned but PWNED!!! Twice.

First was this morning at the Dixon Starbuck's drive through. At around 6:45 Am I was cruising through for my Triple Shot Mocha Meth on my way to the Bay. The drive through there is busy as hell. There is no less than 7 cars in line at any given time. Usually if the line backs around to the sign advertising the "other"coffee shop near the taco place, you park and go inside. Today it was just 20 feet from that so it was still quicker to hit the drive line.

You can NEVER hear the speaker very well with the traffic along Interstate 80 blazing by at 75mph. Especially if the dude with the mini dreads is "manning" the head set. He's cool and always very nice. But today, I got the new chick. And with it came some attitude. You see apparently after she greeted me with the "Welcome to Dixon Starbucks" greeting that you hear any day you visit this business, she asked, "How are you today?" Starbucks is doing this lately, have you noticed? They ask this question like it means something. I don't know... Do drug dealers greet their clients with, "Welcome to Home Grown Flavors, How are you doin, man?"

I truly did not hear her. I swear. I just continued with my, "Triple Venti No Whip Lo Fat Mocha and..." And SHE CALLS ME ON IT!!!

"Hey" she says abruptly. "I ain't doing anything until you answer the question, HOW ARE YOU DOING? I AM WAITING!"

My answer... "Uh... I could just drive off..." She ends my order and tells me to pull forward. I wasn't done, I wanted a bottle of water and she ends the order and says pull up to the window, sir.. She did not make eye contact with me.

Holy Crap.

Incident 2.

Late this afternoon I wanted a burger so I darted into Wendy's. I ordered a number 2 with a Coke and the Hispanic voice behind the speaker asks, " So small medium or large drink?"

"Um, " I say, " Just what ever comes with it..."

Dead silence ensues for like a minute. Seriously, it seemed like an eternity. (A simile?)

I wait and then say, "Hello?"

She goes... " I asked if you wanted small, medium or large drink!"

Holy Crap... totally owned, twice in the same day.

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