Tuesday, May 16, 2006

More of Steve's Misguided Outrage...

I was shopping online this evening. My wife and I are adding to the list of baby stuff we need for the showers. We are fortunate in that the family is doing one for her and our friends are doing one for us in a combined event. (It'll be nice, I have two Silver Oaks for that party)

But where is my outrage tonight? The outrage is the cost of cheap molded plastic that will eventually be tossed when your kid is bigger. I am talking about car seats.

A lot of laws are made to protect people from themselves or protect their kids...


I have a problem with something though. How the hell can we make a law that requires someone to buy a car seat for their kid if they can't afford one? And not only that, we change the law, a lot. It seems babies need to face the rear of the car now until they are 1 year or 20lbs. Then you gotta buy a new seat. Then another new seat... all the way until they are 6. If you are buying quality stuff, you are shelling out anywhere from $250-$1000 between now until your kid is 6, just so you can drive them around. That's freaking expense. Especially if they change the law in that 6 years time and if you have to get some new requirement. And what if you have more than one kid? Or more than one car? And what if you are poor?

Wait! Are we reading this right? Is Steve showing sympathy for the poor?


I think maybe we need to rethink this. Child Safety is forever important. We oughta come up with some type of program where we pay an additional fee (yes, raise a tax) when we register our cars or something to provide people with car seats free of charge if they meet a certain income level. While searching Google, I found one State doing something like this and that is the state of Florida. And that one looks like it involves a class which would probably be good for a poor person (or any person) having a kid to attend. The State of California alone could buy enough seats to make this cheap enough to do. I figure 20 bucks a year per car would be a good start. I am game... I'd hand over my hard earned 20 bucks for something like this tomorrow.

Who is with me?

The last thing we need is to see something like this when we drive:


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