Friday, May 26, 2006

Liberalism's Soft Heart Continues to Infect America..

Been a little while since I wrote a political piece here on my blog. I heard something on the 11 O'clock news last night that kind of gets me riled up a bit.

The subject? Connecticut high school football's new rule.

If high school team wins a game by more than 50 points, the coach will be suspended for one game. You can read about the rule here.

There are many things that play into why this rule is in effect that pretty much will screw with your mind. For one, if you read the story, there seems to be a coach named Jack Cochran who ran up the score to 60-0 and some sort of altercation occurred between him and the opposing coach. Ok, maybe I don't know the facts here totally, but it seems to me Coach Cochran is a bully and the 60-0 thing is something he likes to do when he is upset with another coach. That's fine if you want to punish Cochran but the entire state's football teams and players are now lumped into this?

You read the article a bit further though and the reasoning is different. Routing another team is considered "unsportsmanlike conduct." They have got to be kidding. When I was in little league baseball at 12 years old, we routed a team the first game of the season 35 to 0. It wasn't intentional, their pitching sucked. I mean seriously I got 4 hits in two innings and was walked twice. It wasn't like our coaches were sitting there egging us on. They actually were quiet and were a little embarassed. It's not like it was intentional. They tried to call the game but the other team insisted on playing. We ended up losing the league and came in 2nd place. The other team ended up winning a couple of games.

But in Connecticut's case, why is 50 points deteremined to be the trigger to enact a rout rule? 49-14 is a rout. 51 -26 is a rout. 55-10 is a rout. (Ask Elway and the Bronco's about that number). What if the game is close at half time, say 28-21 and then the leading team scores 7 touchdowns due to stupid fumbles and interceptions. Are you really punishing players who are just better or is it all about someone's feelings? Beat the other team but don't beat them by too much. Tone down the adrenaline. Routs are not always intentional.

In the real world, you can get routed daily. You can get laid off from work. Your super fine girl friend could suddenly dump you for someone else for no real reason. Your party could lose an election, badly. You can miss your exit and have to drive 30 minutes out of your way to come back. Life is full of adversity. Suck it up. You will fail badly sometime in your life.

Liberalism and it's feel good attitude... You are entitled!!!

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