Thursday, May 11, 2006

Kaiser Blows...

Yeah the hospital chain, Kaiser... They blow... Seriously. A couple of good people work there and none of those people are my doctor. The PT is nice but the rest of the system is a joke.

I think sometimes I start feeling better. The pain in my arm goes away, even while driving. I'll feel great then suddenly I'll have to reach for my computer or some money for a bridge toll and this shrieking, almost electrically charged, seering pain goes right across the top of my shoulder blades down to my finger tips on both hands. I think I screamed like a teenage girl waiting to see the next big Hollywood fake. It sucks man... Can you say pinched nerve?

I feel like Kaiser is a series of doors and levers like the old computer game Myst. It's like you go in one door and you flip a switch to get to the next screen and you have thought you have done something spectacular. Something that changes the game. But then you find out it actually was a wrong turn and you have to go back to the first level and see what you did wrong. It blows... It's like when you wanna throw the keyboard at the screen and freaking leave but you can't. I never had patience for a game like that.

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