Thursday, January 10, 2008

Back Home...

Finally... a grueling week almost ends. I started on Tuesday with a flight out to Colorado and once I landed I never stopped. Late nights and early rises. I won't delve into what I did the whole time because I won't. I'll just say I stood in front of people and talked a lot about what I know.

The flight was easy coming back. A lady sat next to me and she was nice. The flight attendant talked me into buying her a drink. I tried to say no but other passengers started rooting for me as the lady looked for her credit card. I sat back and silently said, "Fuck it! Get me a Scotch too..."

In Colorado, it was really cold and this white sort of icy stuff fell from the sky. I didn't know what to do so I ran and hid from it. Scary shit. I wonder what it was. It covered my rental car and froze to it. The ice scraper that the rental car company gives didn't work so I used my hotel key. Hotel keys have a lot of purposes.

I haven't seen Elijah or DW since Monday night... They were not awake when I got home.

I thought of more ideas for some songs. Still thinking it through. The hard part is matching lyrics to melodies. The music side is actually easy if I choose the right key.

Anyways... "Hi, what's up?"

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