Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday Afternoon Post

Eric Burdon and the Animals

My left arm has been feeling weird the last few days. It's not pain necessarily it is weakness and a vibrating that peaks in my forearm but really goes from my finger tips to my neck. It's that feeling you have just after you shook the pins and needles out of your leg or something when it falls asleep. It's the end of the pins and needles, that cold kinda of dark, weak feeling. When I was in Denver the other day I got out of a car that I had been driving in for a few minutes and I headed into the restaurant. I sort of fell to a hand rail on my left. I felt all week. I just fell. Kind of weird, especially when every disease that cause that I have been tested for; all negative tests I might add. WTF?

Watching Green Bay and Seattle play football while I work mad finishing some reports for work. I gotta lot of shit to get done for people. I just keep plugging away though. I thought I would
take a break and do some typing.

Funny story regarding Elijah this morning. I took him out for coffee like I always do on the weekends. He is getting so good at walking so I let him down to follow me into Peet's Coffee. It's a long sidewalk to the store so he is totally safe. And he loves to just walk so we walk slowly to the store.

So we head in and I hold the door. We walk to the counter and I order my Latte and a Cinnamon roll. Elijah loves it! He stays close and we walk to sit while the coffee is being made. I sit down in a chair at a small round table and Elijah climbs up and sits down like me at the table. I notice this dude and his woman with their kid sitting and enjoying coffee. The dude looks at me all inquisitive and shit.

"Hey..." he says, "How old is your son?"

I am shocked because Elijah is usually confused as being my daughter because he is such a pretty boy.

"Um...17 months?" I say...

"Wow...", he says, "I wish my son can do that. My son is over 2 years old and we have to help him do everything."

"That sucks, "I say, and I just turned and handed Elijah a piece of the roll. Not paying attention to that family the rest of the time. I showed another cool trick. I left Elijah in his seat and walked the 5 feet away to get my coffee. Elijah sat smiling and eating his cinnamon roll.

I felt superior...

My left hand hurts now so this story ends now...

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