Sunday, January 20, 2008

Steve Calls His Shot, Literally...


Um... So like I am in Vegas (again)... And like, so I told all these people that I was going to play roulette one time. And during that time I was going to put $20 on #22 and if it hit, it hit and I would walk from the casino. Just freaking leave with my winnings.

I had been roughed up at the black jack table a little... I was down like $75. Not bad but I wanted to play longer and it went quickly down the tubes on me.

So all my co-workers, some who I had told prior that I would play $20 were there. I watched one spin. I looked in my pocket and I had $30 in chips. I grasped them all in my hand and I held them tight. The spin was over... I watched the dealer pay out and I took one final look. I reached over and placed $20 right on 22. I took the other two $5 chips and as a "safety" bet (it's roulette... the worst game in the casino, nothing is safe here) and I split them off of 22 with a corner and a side bet.

Then I waited as the dealer spun the ball... Never once looking in the direction of the wheel. I took a sip of water and watched the board as people made last minute bets. Never once did I sit down... nothing.

I heard the ball bounce to a stop and I saw the marker in the dealers hand move.... Right on top of 22. I don't know what came over me but I yelled, "Holy fucking shit" at the top of my lungs and nearly spit my water out over the table at the same time.

I picked up all the chips when the pit boss cleared the way and I turned and walked. Maybe it was the lucky Tommy Bahama shirt I got for Christmas... the leather jacket, or God just flat out telling me to be happy. One guy whom I had told two or three times that I was going to do this... saw this and literally looked at me like I was the Messiah.

I think the total win was just over $800. But there you go on top in the picture...$875. Happened less than an hour ago...

I can't explain... normally I am numb when I walk with $500 in chips at blackjack or hitting 30:1 at Casino Hold 'em or something or when I win a big hand with my friends. I felt nothing though but some guilt a little. I am a small time when it comes to gambling. $100 at a time and if I am done, I am done. $100 is gone... I am gone. But something happened here that I cannot explain and I am taking the money and putting it the BANK!!

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