Thursday, January 03, 2008

Storm Warning...

Updated: Best Bob Dylan version of any song, Shelter from the Storm

One thing I never write about is the weather. I am a freak when it comes to meteorology. I love big weather events. Heat waves, cold snaps, rain and snowfall totals ...the bigger the number (or in case of the cold, the lower... I want to see it) I check the weather frequently. It's the first thing book marked on each computer and my Treo phone.

We are about to get nailed in No Cal. A series of storms are coming in and I am all giddy for it. They are talking about 70 mile an hour gusts this weekend... many inches of rain. I can't freaking wait for it!! I want to stand out in it cleaning my drains...helping the water gush down. The scary thing: Next to New Orleans, Sacramento is the worst region in the country when it comes to flood catastrophes. Bring on Anderson Cooper!!!

I'll be awake all night when I hear it coming. Seeing the trees blow... power outages. I love sitting at the window yelling "Holy Shit...Holy shit..." It's awesome. When I was a little boy living in the city we had this gutter that would plug because the people across the street would dump their used oil into it. And when it would rain... it would flood the gutter. The street would have like 7 inches of water on their side and I used to like watching the water fly when cars drove by.

Then in the country, behind my parents house was like this sheer cliff made of bedrock or something. And the water would saturate the sandy soil for acres around. The water would literally seep out of the side of the hill and gush over this wall of bedrock 50-60 feet until it hit the hill down into the valley and eventually into the lake. It was fascinating to see this after a big storm. Some poor bastard bought that property a few years ago and built a house on the track this water flows after a major storm. I wonder if he knows this is coming? This water fall is only 40 yards or so beyond my parents property line.

Mother nature is something else...

I don't know why....

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