Friday, January 18, 2008

A Perplexing Thing: The Shakes...

The next chapter in the pain saga: The Shakes!!

Woo Hoo fun!

About two weeks ago, I noticed that if I hold a magazine, work with tiny things (shut up!), or hold my iPod up to see what song is on in my left hand, my pinky and ring finger on my left hand starts shaking. It's not a tense thing. I mean, if we all reach out and tense our hands we shake. No this is different. If I reach out and simply do something with my hands unconsciously, the fingers shake. I can control it with my medicine, after all, it is an anti-convulsant but I have to max out the dosage at 6 pills a day. I was taking three to four. When you hit six... holy crap.. your world changes. I was reading up on it and you eventually get used to it and I think I am after the last few days. It puts you in a weird field.

I wonder what it is. All the websites indicate it a few things: The scary one... Parkinson's (Percent chance at 34 is extremely low, but my G-pa had it so... whatever) Then there is a smashed vertebrae between C6-C7 or C7 -T1 but how? I don't know... it's crazy. Didn't I have two MRI's that didn't say much about that? The last one is stress (here goes sister in law number one along with sister in law 2's best friend) Stress caused by A) The Chronic... I mean, chronic pain (Man I wish I had "the Chronic" good times) or B) Life and C) the aforementioned conditions.

How long have we been doing this now? I guess I just sit and complain about it sounds like but what else can I do. I constantly feel like stretching either on a plane or off or in the airport or when I get out of the car or every 10 minutes when I pick up my phone.

If it was my neck the right hand would probably do it too and the right hand is totally fine. It all started after I did the floor.

I wonder...

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