Monday, January 07, 2008

Random Thoughts, Take Two...

This is post 511. Mickey Mantle hit 511 homeruns. If you add 511 together as in 5+1+1, it equals 7 which is the number of no hitters Nolan Ryan pitched. It is also the 7th of January. If you add 1 for January and the 7th for the date it equals 8, which is the time right now.

I sawed up my fence today that blew down... Funny story, my 92 year old neighbor said that she put up the fence to block out the people that lived here 20 some odd years ago. I was fascinated by that. She has offered to pay for half...but I cannot do it. I'd feel bad... I use the fence not her. Besides it would be a great enclosure to keep Elijah safe at play when he is older. I admire her because she lives by herself at 92.

I enjoy tobacco when I gamble. Chew really... I love the "Cope" but Skoal is also good. I get really buzzed because I rarely do it. I do it to hide the shakes I get with a big hand during poker. If I am always shaking it sorta hides the poker face. Cigars are fun too but rare... Cigarettes burn my lungs. I think I have smoked 5 or 6 in my life. The last thing I need are stimulants.

Teeny came over to visit Elijah. She sat in Elijah's chair. She didn't look small in it. Just normal. I am still trippin' over that. Dig the low top boots!!

Elijah can point out different parts of his body. His eyes, nose, mouth, head, ears, hands and feet. We are starting on Elbow now. He discovered the turtle and can say turtle now.

The floor came out good and it is holding solid but the trim pieces are coming loose. I need 1 1/4" nails.

I ate a bowl of Kix cereal every day since New Years and lost 5 lbs. Top that!!!

Nothing rhymes with Orange.

The song I am working on is in the key of D. I borrowed the chord pattern from part of the Lynyrd Skynyrd song Tuesday's Gone. That song is in the Key of A. I had to transpose it a 5th down or a 4th up, depending how you look at things. I like down because I reduced the sharps in the key signature from 4 to 2. I like the sound of the B minor chord too. Bridging it is easy off of E minor. I need a good chorus pattern now... Like you all fucking care!!!

College Football officially ends tonight. LSU is winning 24 to 10. I am not watching as I do not care. Go buckeyes!!!

Are any of you Lutheran?

I can play my iPod in the new car.

Elijah can officially remove one baby gate. I need to do something different there since it is the stairs.

I just got the electric bill. $86. I am not burning enough carbon these days.

Elijah's toys all play different versions of the same nursery rhymes. Most are in the key of C. I don't know why I know that...but I checked a lot of them out on the guitar to be sure.

I have been listening to REM the past few days. I like the song Wake Up Bomb off of New Adventures of Hi Fi. Something about the title jives with me. Do you have a song you jive with?

Elijah is playing with his Mickey Mouse... I am going to convince him that it is Modest Mouse, the band... That would be cool.

I think our cat Jack is gay. I am not sure though because Flea won't let him near him. Probably because Flea isn't gay. I am not sure... Jack is cool though. He sleeps on my side of the bed.

I thought this video below was extremely funny (My guitar hero addicted Sister In Law needs to actually click and watch this):

My favorite at 2:26. The end is classic!

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