Friday, January 25, 2008

Steve Blogs Another Blog Entry

Awesome Video

It is all about redundancy and airports. Airports are redundant in their processes. It's all the same. You go in one door... drag bags to a counter to get your ticket or if you are smart you have already purchased your ticket and have headed right to the gate. The gate where you wait. Wait to wait to get checked off with a legit ID. Then choose a line to pile your stuff onto a conveyor. 311. Three oz of liquid in one container in one, one gallon sized bag... Too much to remember for some I guess. There is always an old lady with too much. The scanner, you separate your laptop from your bags and your bags from your hands and shoes from your feet into separate tubs. The tubs go through the xray machine as you go through the metal detector. Don't forget your boarding pass as you pass through the detector. Shoes back on your feet, laptop back into the bag and the bag back into your hands as you go to your gate and wait. Redundancy never ends when you begin your next flight.

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