Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Peet's Coffee Interview


My Saturday ritual of taking Elijah out to Peet's Coffee got an interesting treat this morning. We walked in as usual and ordered coffee and a croissant (not the usual cinnamon roll, that would be redundant. Anyway, so I noticed this blond chick and this like Carrot Top looking dude interviewing patrons. This Peet's is in the heart of Midtown Sacramento, I figure they were interviewing about the war or Obama's chances at beating the neighborhood choice candidate Ralph Nader that Communist lady that runs every year. To think anyone would look at McCain or Huckabee in these parts. I mean, one block from the gay bars, across the street from the liberal activist paper and home to many earthy people and college students. Despite my right leanings I feel at home with this people. I even dress the part with holey jeans and sandals. The Porsche Cayenne and the leather jacket let anyone know that I am a poseur anyway and that I need to get my ass back to where I came from as soon as I enjoy my coffee.

Well, Peet's takes a little bit to make your coffee, not like Starbuck's who busts their ass to see how fast they can make it which usually leads to errors like forgotten shots of espresso, weird tastes and soy milk accidentally being substituted for real whole fat milk.

So Elijah and I are sitting there enjoying a father and son moment. I was glancing at an article about a local home builder who gave a new home to two soldiers fighting in Iraq. Then it was like...

"Hi... Well look who knows what a camera is?"

I gave the defensive "oh shit... here we go, am I not interested or need to leave now?"

"What a cutie!! Just so you know...", the interviewer says, "We don't work for Peet's but we are doing an independent marketing study for Peet's Coffee."

"Ok", I say (So they do work for Peet's under a work for hire but not for the actual store, those liars)

"So why do you come to Peet's?"

"It's good..." Blank stare... What more did she want?

"What is it about Peet's you like?"

"Quality." (Note there are only four possible answers relating to Quality, Convenience, Price and Safety... No one comes to a gourmet coffee shop for Price and Safety so that removes two right off the bat, I bet 75% of the respondents associate with Quality and a select few say they live around the corner or something... Hating Starbucks relates to quality... I know this marketing trap I am in right now!)

"What is it about quality that you like?"

"Uhh... (do I need to answer this again?) It's good...(Quick... what's a good thought provoking answer?) It's consistent. Peet's sells a consistent product."

"What do you mean by consistent?"

(Exactly that.) "Uhh... It always tastes good" (Circular argument back to Quality... Bravo Steve!)

"Why do you come to Peet's? What makes you come here instead of over coffee places?"

(Real answer: Hot chicks usually working here) "Um... it's nice... I don't feel rushed, like at your major, unnamed competitor's stores which you can find more convenient than Peet's."

I said that while looking into the camera... the interviewer felt good when I said that. You could tell. Then I signed a consent form stating that I can be on their website or something. We'll see... it would be funny if I was. My classic, thought provoking answers... uhhh...


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,
I like the blog... keep it up. I found an article related to the interview at Peet's Coffee, figured I would share it with you. Hope you like it.

Lorenzo C said...

Not sure if the link came out so here it is.