Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Storms of 2008!!!

Look out LA!!! You could receive a 1/2 inch of rain!!! WOW!!! Oh my God!!! Quick!!! Stop the rest of the world.

That's what it seems like. I made a quick jaunt to Southern California before I head back home tomorrow. The news in LA is a joke. Dramatic, dramatizations with weather people standing on some street corner in Long Beach showing everyone in LA who isn't outside what the weather is like. The news headlines: "The Storm of 2008" And there is snow!!!! The Grapevine is shut down so there is no way I could even drive home. And oh, those rain soaked hills... barren from the fires...

The over-dramatic nature of the news down here is so unreal. The even interrupted a rerun of 'That 70's Show' with a warning that it was going to rain!!! What a joke! It has been raining since I left my home in No Cal and it will continue to rain when I get back. No harm either. Just normal winter rainfall that we get every year (mostly).

Give it up Hollywood!!!

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