Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Things I Hate

Why not make a list of things that bother me?

Here goes:

  1. Green Beans---Forced to eat them against my will at a Lutheran pre-school. Most strict Lutherans I have ever met.
  2. Hillary Clinton---Do I need to go into it? (Go Obama!!)
  3. Lou Dobbs on CNN---What a hack!! This guy is trying so hard to be the liberal version of Bill O'Reilly and his problem is that he has to try? Give it up Lou... you are old
  4. Toyota Prius---Sure save the environment, battery powered-electric cars, yada yada yada... Do they have to make them so freaking ugly? I don't get it? I looks like a modern Trabant. Is it going forward or backward?
  5. The Recession---The only reason there is a recession is because the media keeps talking about it.
  6. Hillary Clinton's beliefs---Do we really want someone that believes what she does in charge of this country? I mean, this isn't Bill part 2. This is the scariest thing facing America at this time.
  7. Hannah Montana---If my kid ever falls into the manufactured starlet thing I am cutting off his allowance (as if he'll ever get one). It's in your face everywhere you look and does she have any talent? Radiohead has talent. Billy Ray Cyrus's!!
  8. The shakes--- My left fingers (ring and pinky) shake occasionally. It's probably something I am going to have to deal with soon. Which sucks... so I put it at number 8.
  9. Bad wine---Ever have someone buy you wine, tell you it's good and when you open it, it sucks. But you think it is a bad bottle so you open another and it sucks too. I think bad wineries should be put out of business. Anyhow...
  10. Suped up Honda Civics---Why? It's a Honda Civic!!!

There you are... A list of things I hate...AKA... I felt I needed to post something and decided to WASTE your time into reading it. I got more to write when I get back in town.

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