Monday, December 17, 2007

8 Days this Week.

Monday, December 17th

I have 8 more days until I grow up or um... change years.

I was a good weekend. We went to San Francisco to see the other side of the family. To me... it's the other, other side of the family since I am like a way distant relative by marriage. Elijah is like a fourth cousin. But we're all close which is cool so.

We were in San Francisco this weekend. I kinda liked the leather jacket Elijah has from his Grandpa. So I went out and bought myself one for Christmas. See picture below:

Self portrait of myself. I am in a hotel room somewhere in Colorado. Nice jacket eh? It's totally awesome. I was with my sister in law who is like this expert shopper. We looked at a lot of places for a decent jacket. Nordstrom's had the best but they were like $700-$900 each. Way too much for leather. So I settled for Men's Wearhouse. I got a Pronto Umo lambskin black jacket. Totally soft without a bunch of Michael Jackson pockets, beads and zippers. Just plain. The price was $450. However they had it on sale for $225. And I had this rewards card so I got $50 off!! Freaking awesome.

Totally nice to be styling. I bought a coat rack from IKEA yesterday to go with it too. So that is up on the wall.

Next up is my birthday present. I haven't decided. Probably gonna get the Led Zeppelin Box Set on iTunes. 99 bucks for like 140 songs or something like that. I only have one greatest hits album so it will be cool to get them all.

Also... I think I am gonna lay some Bamboo laminate flooring for Elijah's room next week. Sounds like a big project. Gotta rip up the carpet and move all the shit out of the room. Should be fun. As long as I can get it done in a day. I laid the stuff downstairs in 1/2 a day and this room is just square without a bunch of cuts and shit. I found some bamboo for $1.19 a square foot at IKEA. I think the room is like 15X15 so it'll cost like $300 to lay it. Should be cool!

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