Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Steve Looks Suspicious

Yeah... well... I made it through at least.

I go through security a lot at airports. I don't think much of it. Only when the lady who tries to carry her entire make up and shampoo conditioner set through is when I gripe or express frustration. I have become a pro at lines. I look for businessman and stuff like that and go to that line because they have their act together. I am flying out of a tiny airport today back to Sactown. Amazed as hell they had a direct flight and for only hundred bucks. I'll get back before Elijah's bedtime.

So I am going through security and I got "randomly" selected for "extra" screening. Great... I am not complaining... I mean what the fuck are you going to do, bitch at the TSA? Nah...

So I got through the extra gate and they take my laptop and bag full of electronic wires for my GPS, phone, iPod, camera..etc and run "tests" on it. They were totally polite.

So they ask me if I know why I am being pulled out. Quick answer: "Let's see... I am by myself, flying one direction on a flight with an airline I have never flown before?" Wow! Must of been a good answer because the lady just shrugged with agreement. So they tell you what to do... go sit here. Stand there. Face this way... Direct orders where you don't gripe or complain. And they were ransacking my bag. It took them some time. I asked them to find me my iPod charger while they were in there. They just looked... I sat back singing an Elvis Presley song to myself.."We can't go on together... with suspicious minds..."

All clear and I got out safely. Luckily I wasn't in a hurry. I had enough time to sit and write this.

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