Saturday, December 22, 2007

Steve's Blog: Double Holiday Issue #500... Feeling Thankful, for the Small Things Today

Who the hell counts this stuff anyway? Yes this is post number 500. 500 posts... Wow! I cannot believe it. There is a whole lot going on, Post #500, Christmas and my birthday all in the same week (if not day in some cases). Too many people to thank:

My readers... too numerous to thank. Without the tens of you that visit everyday I don't know how I would keep it all going. Thanks everyone.

I also like to thank readers who never comment. Like the two people who read daily from the Bay Area. There is a person that comes here everyday by searching "Steve's Blog" in Google. Thanks for coming, I think I may actually know you but you may not know that. I don't know your name or anything but I think that you figured out this was me so you keep reading. Don't be a stalker... comment under a pseudonym or something.

And you, the other one who has me bookmarked down there from the city actually on the Bay (you'd have to live or know of this city to know what I am talking about). Thank you! I don't have any idea who you are so I won't freak you out. Just like the person above you, my statcounter tells me which city people connect from. Thats it.

To all those frustrated with your IKEA Faucet Installations.... I felt your pain. That's why I wrote about it. 100's of you visit this blog each week to figure that think out. It's a difficult piece of engineering and IKEA should be paying royalties to me because I figured the freaking thing out and have probably stopped dozens of returns. I have installed two faucets that way and none of them leak. IKEA makes great coat racks and I am about to build a closet with them. (No Teeny... I am not building a closet so I can come out of it...silly :) )

And those with the Christmas spirit and who like to search people born on Christmas. You are hitting my second most popular page I wrote back in 2004. I'd say I have had a few thousand now hit this one. It sucks... Tremendously.

There are dozens of things that surprise me where I get hits from. Like Steve Faucet. The rich guy who took his plane out in Nevada and never returned. Well his name is/was actually Steve Fossett. Use that next time... I got a laugh on that in September...

Feline asthma
. Another great hit, people looking for Kitten's x-ray we had back in August of 2005. I wonder how many cats I have saved because of that post. So many people probably took their cats in for the hairball that would not come out. We are the shit too because we have this little kitty inhaler mask for Kitten. I should take a picture of it and update that post. You guys would laugh... Its soooooo cute.

Turtle Lady of Sacramento and other variations, hits this post about the giant turtle that attacked Sacramento. Well... that wasn't a giant turtle it was actually a tortoise. The owner got it back and then it got out again like 8-9 months later. There were tons of fliers put up all over the neighborhood looking for this lost tortoise. It annoyed the shit out of seester in law because these things are still up in some places. I felt like posting my own response around the 'hood, "Lost Amazon Snake... Loves Cool Grass, basements, Swimming Pools and redwood framed homes (like 95% of the neighborhood). Can Swallow Small Children... If found, call Poison Control because... You are now dead!!!"

This is another popular entry page. I think it is a classic post. One of my all time best posts. You'll have to read it again if you can stomach it.

Okay... Now for the birthday celebration: (This is a double issue remember?)

This is my all time favorite band (according to my Facebook iTunes application), next to U2, Bad Religion, Social Distortion, etc., Cracker playing my all time favorite Birthday song:

Bonus Credit: If you think that the singer looks like the dude from Camper Van Beethoven, you would be correct... Take the SkinHeads Bowling... Take them bowling. (<---Take a's 22 years ago... and it freaking rocks!!) David Lowery is such a cynical lyricist. 34... wow... I think my life though closely resembles the lyrics to any Cracker/Camper Van Beethoven song. It's decent, you can rock out to it... and you smirk at the sarcasm. At least the songs are complete and don't leave you hanging. They have a bit of yearning and despair but overall, they are a complete work and hopefully I am as fun as those are to be around. I only get one time of the year for reflection so hear me out (note pun and hint of sarcasm in that statement..). I wish I were raising a Guinness to all of you readers, people I know, life long friends who read and those who have to because you are family... I love each and everyone of you. My Christmas/Birthday wish is that you all are getting what you want out of life. That means, if Lawryde wants to finish up his sleeve... I hope you get to do it during this break. Though a Red Guitar much like a Hollow Body Gretsch or a E-330 Gibson would earn you serious respect at the next rock concert you ventured into. I'd go for the Gretsch though... Lennon played one... George Harrison played one... Brian Setzer... the list goes on... Chuck Berry popularized the E-330... then Lennon again... BB King plays one called Lucille... They are guitar players guitars.. Everyone wants a Les Paul or a Strat or Telecaster... but guitar players want those guitars. You may not be a guitar player at all... But damn... seeing one of those in ink would be the shit.

I hope that Selina feels better now :). Great writer... all you readers should be reading that one. That writing's going places!!!

Teeny doesn't have a blog so I don't know what she does... Good luck finishing your psychology thing. You really need it and if there is any way I am helping let me know. :) Practice makes perfect.

To Lisa, let's continue to force Liberalism to elect their true presidential candidate from their field: Barak Obama. He's the only one that isn't so me, me, me from that field so if they do win, this country isn't screwed. God Almighty, if Bill Hillary Clinton gets the nod, we must do everything we can to stop it. See you next Tuesday, Hillary... See you next Tuesday... (There is a pun in that somewhere)

I can't think of anything funny or serious to say to the rest of you so... see above where I said I hope you are living life to it's fullest. That's pretty funny and serious if you think about it. I mean, you could be laughing at your life because it was so much fun so far... or be like, "Damn... I need to get serious, I am a total fuck up." Think about it. :)

Last but not least... Darling Wife. As Lawryde's wife commented here today... Thanks for putting up with me, my travels and this blog. I am a lucky one...

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