Thursday, December 27, 2007

Random Ideas and Things To Ponder...

I walked into a car dealership and signed my name to five pieces of paper and drove off with a new car today and not one person confirmed my name, my ID or my signature yet I cannot buy a fucking margarita at El Torito on a temporary driver's license. I was like, "When is this lady gonna confirm I am me?"

Have you ever re-gifted something and what was it?

I now have 4017 songs on my iPod. That's 4017 legally obtained songs. Wanna buy my iPod for $4000?

Would you go with the dark almost Cherry Wood Tundra flooring at IKEA or the lighter medium oak look for the floor in Elijah's bedroom? I need 6 boxes and that stuff is 30 bucks a box, 25 square feet in a box. The room is just shy of 144 square feet sans the walk in closet. Elijah's room is the biggest bedroom in the house. WTF is up with that? Someone go dig up the architect and shoot him for me. On a lighter note, I cannot wait to see the cool shit underneath the carpet. There is carpet... padding... linoleum and possibly some cool hard wood. If the Hardwood is salvageable I am renting sander. If not... IKEA. It's the only room in the house right now that does not feature an IKEA product.

One of the best albums you can ever buy is Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska. Most of it is just him with a harmonica and guitar. My favorite song is Mansion on the Hill. Of course, the title track is eerie with the whole electric chair thing. Deep dark album. Capo on the first fret.

Ever visited Mad Haiku? Funny stuff.

Which format is gonna make it Blu Ray or HD DVD? I wish they'd decide so I can buy one. Perhaps they'll make one that does both.

It is exactly 20 miles from Roseville to my house.

Our friend from college Neil, commented the other day... It was pretty cool. Probably because I bought The Complete Led Zeppelin the other day for my birthday. That and I have "All Things Must Pass" ready to load onto my iPod.

Both Twisted Oak's Tempranillo and Torcido are great pairings with turkey. Because I say so.

This is my vice. I eat it like heroin. Dutch licorice is the shit. Facebook is also like crack.

The first song I played on the iPod in my new company vehicle was "I Still Haven't Found What I am Looking For" by U2. I threw my black leather jacket in the back seat and I lost it. I found it when I felt for it. I like feeling up leather.

It's colder than dick in Sacramento. It was about 45 all day with no sun and wind kept blowing. I wish it would snow. That would be cool.

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