Saturday, December 01, 2007

Don't Bother Me... I Am Scrooged...

I think I finally fell asleep at like 4:30 AM this morning which is roughly about the time Elijah gets up. I had a bit of a cat nap and basically got up at 7. I don't know what it is but man, I have been an insomniac the past week. I can't sleep because I worrying about shit beyond my control causing me to lose focus on my beauty sleep. The urge to worry is ripping me up.

Anyhow... DW, the boy and I went grocery shopping so I could go get some coffee to wake my ass up and get stuff done today.

It is freaking cold this morning. The Porsche looked cool with the steam coming out of the dual exhaust. It said it was only 36. I was in Denver when it was 20 and 3 inches of snow were on the ground and it felt a hell of a lot colder though here. Probably because the humidity is so high with the light fog over the field next door. It was weird because the car was cold, seat heaters were cranked and people were bundled up walking their dogs. We passed a neighbor's house that had a Nativity scene on a porch swing. I am charging my camera so I can run and get a picture of this. Oh my God, blasphemy.

I stopped at Starbucks. I just got to say... I am so tired and so like down... I walk into this place and there was too much happiness. People were too happy this morning. I get to the counter and the guy is like ultra friendly. He asked me how my day was going. I think he sensed my answer as , "Just get me my fucking coffee and shut the fuck up!" but I was polite. I answered okay... He insisted on getting me to to buy a pound of coffee to donate to the troops.

Hmm... go to Starbucks... buy coffee to donate to the troops. Who makes out on this one, I thought as I rationlized this play on the Christmas spirit? (Yeah Christmas spirit, if you want me to say Holiday Spirit I won't because this is not a liberal blog) I think of the 10,000- 20,000 plus Starbucks retail outlets... I think of all the people that go to each one. If 1 in 20 has been suckered by this one and you figure each store probably sees 500 people a day... then you have 25 pounds, times 20,000 or 500,000 pounds a day off coffee being sent off to the troops. That is a fucking grip of coffee. If they do this for the next 25 days their will be 12 million plus pounds of coffee going to the troops or probably 12 pounds for each dude... I don't know what Starbucks charges for a pound but I bet it is like $9.00... so you are seeing Starbucks suck the Christmas spirit out of people for $110,000,000 in sales.

You know something... fuck that.... That isn't the Christmas Spirit. The company need only take 5% of it's total take and give it to a good cause like amputees or other injured soldiers families. Or to the kids who had a parent die over there. 5% of what Starbucks takes on an annual basis is probably a billion or so and they are still shitting in tall cotton as a company.
That's bad capitalism and exploitation of people's giving.

I asked the dude if I could write it off on my taxes if I decided to come back...

So while waiting for my over priced liquid crack, the triple shot Latte... I am sitting there and I see this display of digital photography. They were cool photos and stuff. One had me fascinated. It was like $200 for each photo which I thought was extreme but the dude had taken a photo of the 16 street bridge at sunrise that crosses I think the American River here in Sactown. And I was staring at the photo letting my mind settle on the corporate prickism of Starbucks and I wondered about all the people that live under that 16th street bridge by the river on this cold day. Then this dude came up to me and he is like, "Hey, how's it going?" I looked at him with my expertise in sales like... that's the "Hey... can I sell you my photos?" line. I indicated that I was fascinated by the bridge photo on the river. And he goes yeah... it's pretty scary down there on the river in the morning. No shit dude...

I left... As I walked out I gazed through the front window of the Porsche. Elijah was waving at me. I sighed as I left the lot. I wondered if John was pissed when he found out Mary was pregnant with God's child? (I know it's Joseph.. but today it's STFU)

With that... I'll go straight to hell...

Merry Christmas!!!
Have you hugged a liberal today?

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