Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Steve Is Invalid...

Breaking News!! Steve is invalid.

Apparently... I can buy alcohol at the store like I did yesterday on my birthday when heading to Christmas Dinner... I can drive legally in the state of California... Perhaps even board a plane. I can even open a new bank account in my child's name as well as change banking information at my bank for myself and DW like I did today. (Finally putting all that cash I have saved for Elijah in a safe place)

But right now, if I try to buy a freaking margarita at El Torito at lunch time... my driver's license is invalid thus I am disqualified for enjoying the Hispanic Livations from Mexico. Unbelievable... On Kwanzaa even!! My birthdate is still clearly visible on my temporary ID as well as my old ID. They just punched the expiration date out until I get my new license. The reason the manager gave me was: "Because". Nice... Next time I am in a situation that I need to tell someone no, and if they need a reason, I am gona tell them: "because". It wasn't even, "Because I said so." It was just because. I could have gotten up and left but what would the point be.

It's probably because I look like a cop.

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