Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Strange Occurences At Home During The Week

If I am not on the road... I am at home. And if I am at home... I am staring at a computer. Punching the keys, entering numbers and basically figuring out how much people can make off of talking to me when I do travel.

It's strange what occurs outside when I am home.

We live on a corner. Right now a sewer crew is in the street with manhole cover off. It seems to me that they come and go down that hole every couple of weeks. I wonder what they hell they are doing in that hole? So much so... I leaned out the dining room window and snapped the picture. It seems they are playing the Red Hot Chili Peppers Greatest Hits too. There is a dude holding a stop sign while the other one works. I want that job. Holding the stop sign in my yellow vest.

I can totally do that job too. He's on the cellphone too... I am good at that. And I can work at that hole because the commute is almost nothing. It's right outside. As often as this crew is here and because it is the city, I bet they get their full 40 hours a week just by stopping by this hole and working. I'd be a pretty shit sign holder...

I wonder what they do in there. The come by and spray paint the street there a lot too. They make marks that point to each sewer drain... It's fascinating. They probably noticed that I remove sewer grate on my side of the street. I do so because is floods if I don't with all the fall leaves and rain we get this time of year.

If you didn't find this interesting... Read lawryde's account on cheating death twice while paying homage to Robert Frost. It's way more interesting than this today.

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