Friday, December 21, 2007

Steve Runs Out Of Gas....

Start Saturday... rise and head to Peet's for a Latte. go to SF. 85 miles, 1.5 hours (everything but Bakersfield is one and half hours from Sacramento but more on that later)

Saturday Evening... Ride 40 miles to and from in LimoVan to "a really unfathomably rich town" Drink copious amounts Wine and enjoyed my first 35 year old. Usually I get a lot of 8 year olds and 12 year olds but a 35 year old definitely had some experience on her. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely go back to her for more. (I am talking about Scotch you sick bastards!)

Sunday Morning... Rise and go to Peet's for a Latte. Drive back to Sac stopping in Richmond for Tacos. (Total for weekend 250 Miles)

Monday morning... Get up at the butt crack of dawn, skip Latte because I am so freaking late to the airport I get through security at the same time my flight is bording and fly to Denver. (like 1000 miles) Proceed to drive around for a couple of hours (40 miles) then I went to Colorado Springs (75 miles, roughly)

Tuesday... Get up, stare at Pikes Peak while enjoying a Latte then drive to Pueblo. (40 Miles) Get grand tour of the Plains (50 miles, the shit is spread way out down there) then drive back to The Springs (40 miles) then to the airport there (seemed like 15 miles). Had Cappuccino and Flew home (1000 miles roughly. (2260 miles total) (15 of which seemed like going from Hwy 25 to the Colorado Springs Airport. -not including miles to and from airport her in Sac. )(like 12 each way)

Total for week at this point: 2510 miles

Wednesday... rise at butt crack of dawn and go Peet's for a Latte. Drive to all day meeting 20 miles. Volunteer to take people to airport 32 miles and then back home 12.

Total for week at this point: 2574 miles

Thursday... rise well past 8:30 AM... Say "fuck it" when thinking about driving to Bakersfield Thursday afternoon. Throw on holey jeans, fire up the 914, throw on the leather jacket and burn rubber around downtown Sac heading to Peet's. Debate taking the 914 to Bakersfield. Realize we didn't renew AAA cards. Pull 914 back into garage... Stare it's beauty and all the work I have left to do on it. Go upstairs and work on paperwork. Say "fuck it " again and decide to head to Bakersfield before the butt crack of dawn on Friday instead of Thursday. Miles traveled: About 5

Friday... Painfully rise at 4 AM in the middle of a dream that I wish I was still having, but can't remember... (It was dry) Hop into shower (10 feet) throw on suit pants, dress shirt, say "fuck it" to the tie, toss on the leather jacket and hop into the Copper Metal Box (A Jeep Liberty). Head to Bakersfield: (About 300 miles) First customer at Starbucks drive through in Lodi. See the butt crack of dawn rise outside of Merced. Arrive in Bakersfield at 9:30 AM. Have meeting, literally turn around and head back to Sacramento at 11. Arrive home at 4pm (immense traffic in Stockton and Lodi) Total traveled: 600 miles

Grand Total for Week: 3179 miles.

I have traveled farther during my trips but this one week seemed like such a killer. I have been going for 7 days straight.

Who the fuck has time for yoga?

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