Saturday, December 29, 2007

Day From Hell Strikes Back

That's what I get for not sleeping eh? I got a head cold that kept me up till like 5 AM. I think anyway... I woke up late. I was supposed to be in Stockton by 8 AM to pick up my dad's truck so I can haul the shit I tore out of Elijah's proposed play room. Stockton is like 40 miles a way. So I finally made it out at 8 to Starbucks to wake up.

Loaded with the triple Venti Latte I was ready to drive.

So drove the 1/2 hour or so (doing 80) to Stockton. I picked up the truck and headed back home. Elijah was attacked by Flea again so he had a nice scrape across his forehead. Dude is so getting declawed next month now. It was 10 or so when I got back. I filled the truck and headed out to the dump.

It was really rainy this week so the dump was like muddy as hell. I paid my $20 to toss off my shredded carpet parts and pulled way down like a mile in the mud. I flipped a bitch in the mud and backed into the dump.

This hispanic worker comes up to me motioning me to the back tire. I picked up a nail... Damn. This dude however was relentless into helping me in broken English pointing out the airleak. I responded in my Car Wash Spanish back "Esta bien..." But the dude didn't get it. He wanted me to whip out the jack stand in 10 inches of mud. He kept looking at the spare under the truck. It was a slow leak but he wouldn't get out of the way. I finally had to yell some broken spanish version of "Get the fuck out of the way!" I hopped in the truck and shot a rooster back like 20 yards to get up the hill. My dad's truck is cool, 2008 Chevy Silverado. (What's with my family and all these new cars?)

Anyway I was way on the south industrial side of town with a slow leak looking for a tire shop.

I drove like 10 miles back to Arden to America's Tire Company. Okay... I am so pimping these guys and if you need tires or a tire repair you better be going there. I rode in and they were busy as shit. The service writer was cordial and wrote me up for a leak repair. He warned me I could be buying a new tire for $136 which I didn't need. No sweat... I didn't shit or anything I just smiled, took my estimate and headed to Arby's for lunch. 40 minutes later I had a fixed flat and guess what: THEY DIDN'T CHARGE ME!!! ON PURPOSE!!! IT WAS FREE!!! Holy shit! Who does that anymore...? They put tires on the little Porsche twice for me and were totally cool about it before... They did up the old Subaru DW had when we got married too. America's Tire Companyu... OFFICALLY ENDORSED BY ME.

Then I drove back across Sactown down to Stockton. Swapped vehicles. My dad was pissed because his truck was dirty. I recommended a good car wash across town from him and left. I never had seen someone go wash his car so fast! HA HA HA (inside joke)

I had planned to finish by 11... It's 2pm. What a shitty day. Now I have to go and finish the room.

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